State Commission: There is information on dozens of mass graves

Excavations are planned at dozens of sites due to the discovery of mass graves in territories liberated from occupation, as reported by Eldar Samedov, the deputy head of the working

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Armenian provocation aims at dealing blow to peace process, Jeyhun Bayramov tells Toivo Klaar

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov received the EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the

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Azerbaijan, US to cooperate on support for Southern Gas Corridor expansion

Azerbaijan and the US have reached an agreement to cooperate on the possible expansion of the

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Azerbaijan’s response to allegations by French President Macron

In response to the allegations made by French President Emmanuel Macron during a joint press conference

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Azerbaijan has topped the list of oil suppliers to Italy

In 2023, Azerbaijan became the largest supplier of oil to Italy.

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French press misfires with outlandish anti-Azerbaijan allegations

We, of course, could be wrong, but in this phrase, it seems, we can already

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France preparing Armenia for slaughter. Azerbaijan is ready for any development

France continues to hatch plans for its military-political presence in the South Caucasus. And official Yerevan plays along with these goals of the older “sister”. But first things first.

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Eldar Namazov: The issue of reparations must be included in the peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia

During an interview with France 24, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made several statements implying that the country is not

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Tofig Zulfugarov: “We will monitor very closely what kind of weapons and where they are being deployed, and as a preemptive strike …”

In an interview with France 24, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan harshly criticized Russia's position, saying that Moscow openly called

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Heydar Mirza: Another Armenian provocation came in an open and brazen form

The Second Karabakh War, although predicted by leading analysts and political analysts of various countries of the world, and remained

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Elchin Amirbayov: By fueling the myth of threat from Azerbaijan, Armenia continues to encroach on our territorial integrity

By fueling another myth of an impending threat from Azerbaijan, Armenia de facto continues to encroach on our territorial integrity,

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Tofig Zulfugarov: We need to understand France’s strategy for entering this region

You will agree that when a high-ranking officer of a country that not only has nothing to do with the

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Heritage Association presents Baku Marionette Theatre’s spectacular performance of “Arshin mal alan” at Theatre Les Salons in Geneva

The “Heritage” Association is proud to announce an enchanting evening of traditional

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Concert of the world-famous musician Steve Barakatt in Baku

The world-renowned composer, pianist, music producer, and creative director Steve Barakatt performed

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Narratives at war: Unpacking Jivan Avetisyan’s dual commitment to art and nationalism

The Karabakh war is one of the main themes in the work

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A concert embodying the musical heritage of Azerbaijan has been presented in London

The concert titled "Silk Road Serenade – Azerbaijani Music Heritage" was held

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Azerbaijan acquiring two reconnaissance satellites from Israel

Israel Aerospace Industries and the space agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Azercosmos, announced the

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The 74th International Astronautical Congress commences in Baku

Today in Baku, the 74th Baku International Astronautical Congress kicks off, in partnership with the Azerbaijani

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Scientists representing the Azerbaijani diaspora will participate in the upcoming 74th International Astronautical Congress in Baku

Prominent scientists representing the Azerbaijani diaspora will also participate in the upcoming 74th International Astronautical Congress

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An ancient trade route whose time has come once more

The Middle Corridor transits through the South Caucasus, over the Caspian Sea, and into Central Asia following routes that were

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Another freight train from China arrived at the port of Baku, transiting through Kazakhstan

The capital of Azerbaijan welcomed a new scheduled train carrying 55 forty-foot containers from China’s Xi’an, this is reported by

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The Middle Corridor to halve cargo transit time between Asia and Europe

As Russia experiences the impact of sanctions and restrictions in trade and economic relations with a number of countries, Central

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The EU will allocate 10 billion euros for a transportation corridor bypassing Russia through Azerbaijan

The European Commission and the European Investment Bank plan to invest 1.5 billion euros in strategic transportation infrastructure projects in

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Inaugural CANSO Euro-Asia Aviation Summit takes place in Azerbaijan

The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), in collaboration with the Azerbaijan Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) - Azeraeronavigation (AZANS),

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Pakistan has signed the largest deal in history with Azerbaijan for the sale of fighter jets

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex has signed the largest export deal in Pakistan's

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Mark Libby: Azerbaijan does not need military assistance from the US

The US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Mark W. Libby, recently spoke to journalists,

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Armenian military post destroyed as Azerbaijan’s State Border Service retaliates for provocation

On February 13, the units of the State Border Service (SBS) carried

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Azerbaijan opts for local-strategic hybrid in defence modernisation

As Azerbaijan ramps its defence budget, a blend of indigenous production and

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The panel sessions were held within the international conference on “Qizilbash Heritage in Azerbaijan: in the footsteps of history”

Conference "Kyzilbash Heritage in Azerbaijan: in the footsteps of history", held through the joint efforts

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West Azerbaijanis: The indigenous inhabitants of Yerevan province

In recent times, the Armenians have begun to compare their story to that of the Native Americans, just as the Palestinians have been doing for years. It is part of

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The Chairman of the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs is on a visit to Poland

Fuad Muradov, the Chairman of the State Committee for Diaspora Affairs of Azerbaijan, is on a visit to Poland.

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Mexican ambassador paid a visit to the State Committee

Fuad Muradov, Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora met with Maria Victoria Romero Caballero, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador

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Ilham Aliyev received a congratulatory letter from the All-Israeli Association of Mountain Jews from the Caucasus

Pavel Elizarov, a prominent figure in the Israeli-Caucasian Mountain Jewish community, congratulated Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev on his reelection, as

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A meeting with participants of the international forum has been held at the Azerbaijan House in Hungary

In the city of Budapest, participants of the international forum on the topic 'Activities of the Azerbaijani Diaspora Youth in

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Azerbaijani community in Italy demonstrates against Armenian mine terrorism

In Italy, Azerbaijani nationals organized a demonstration in Rome's Piazza dei Santi Apostoli square, protesting against the issue of landmines

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State Commission: There is information on dozens of mass graves

Excavations are planned at dozens of sites due to the discovery of mass graves in

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New excavations of mass grave in Khojaly underway

Additional excavations are underway at a mass grave site in the Khojaly district.

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Qaradaghli and Khojaly massacres were precursors to October 7

Recently, the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel submitted a comprehensive report to the

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Armenian crimes have no statute of limitations

Last week, the national media reported a gruesome discovery. Another mass grave was found in

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Armenia handed over to Azerbaijan maps of minefields

Armenia transferred to Azerbaijan 8 forms of minefields on the territories of the Republic of

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Acquittal of a strong woman

Justine Triet's feature film Anatomy of a Fall winning the Palme d'Or at Cannes last year seems to continue the

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In Azerbaijani schools, children will be taught gender equality

In Azerbaijani schools, topics of gender equality and interpersonal relationships will be taught.

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Sex-selective abortions in Azerbaijan continue to kill girls

"We cannot do anything about sex-selective abortions even though they are officially illegal," Akhliman Amiraslanov, Chair of the Parliamentary Health

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In Baku, an international conference on women’s rights is taking place

On November 20th, an international conference of the Non-Aligned Movement on the advancement of women's rights and the expansion of

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UN Representative: Azerbaijan leads the world in selective abortions

Azerbaijan is leading the world in the number of selective abortions, which poses certain challenges

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Why do we not talk about sexting in Azerbaijan?

Sexting is what they call correspondence that involves an exchange of intimate photos and explicit

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Lifting barriers to women employment will benefit everyone in Azerbaijan

Until recently, women in Azerbaijan were not permitted to work in as many as 674

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A better future through women’s empowerment: EU opportunities for women in Azerbaijan

Nowadays, we often come across the term gender equality. Gender equality has always been one

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